View North from Luckett Vineyards. Cape Blomidon and the Minas Basin are seen at the top of the picture
View of Blomidon from Luckett's Vineyard

Cooperation is common among those in the wine industry. Johnston Vineyards wishes to cooperate to the highest degree with other vineyard owners and wineries in Nova Scotia. This includes sharing growing information and farming equipment. Johnston Vineyards has hired Ian Kaye (Nova Scotia Vineyard Consultants, Wolfville, who has helped immensely in the development of the vineyard and who has fostered goodwill between Johnston Vineyards and other Nova Scotia grape growers. He provides advice on all aspects of the vineyard, including soil and vine nutrients, as well as the selection of suitable vinifera and cold hardy hybrid grapes to produce the best wine in Nova Scotia. Johnston Vineyards is interested in selling their grapes to wineries that are using the most modern techniques and have talented winemakers familiar with wine making in cold climates. Johnston Vineyards will be selling grapes to the innovative Lightfoot & Wolfville Winery ( located in Lower Wolfville and opening in 2016-17 and the beautiful Luckett Winery located near the top of the South Mountain overlooking Gaspereau Valley (

Organic and Biodynamic Lightfoot & Wolfville Winery (Images from the Wine Growers Journal July 2015).

Biodynamic preparation 501 cow horn silica.
Onsite Kerry cows provide valuable manure for the vineyard.