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Est. 2013

Great grapes make Great wine

The primary goal of Johnston Vineyards is to produce great Nova Scotia wine grapes. Great grapes make great wine! This should be done in a sustainable manner that requires care of the land the grapes are grown on. Farming organically or at least restricting the amount of chemicals put on the land may achieve this goal.

Don’s brother Brian and his wife Donna in vineyard
Donna in vineyard with chicken

Coming Home

The urge to return to the homeland exerts a strong pull.

The Family

In 1978 Don Johnston met Sharon (Mulvagh) while sailing out of the Lunenburg Yacht Club. Today, they have 3 kids, Jessica (born in Houston), Julianna and James (both born in Rochester, MN). Don hopes that one day his 3 kids will join their parents in the vineyard (but he is not holding his breath!). Jessica would make a skilled horticulturist, Julie is the sales wizard and James is a businessman.

The family with their pets

tidal river

The Avon River

 The Avon River is a tidal river that flows past Hantsport, once a famous port of call for sailing ships in the 1800’s, into the Minas Basin and on to the Bay of Fundy.

The transformation spring 2015!

Restoring the Hall

The land for the Upper Falmouth Community Hall was given to the trustees of the “Falmouth Village Hall” by Inglis Smith, a prominent farmer in the area on April 6, 1908. The gift was to remain with the trustees as long as the hall remained in good condition and continued to be used as a village hall.


Getting Started

The potential for Nova Scotia wine is great and only with development of proper growing techniques will the wine market grow.

Johnston Vineyards was established in 2013 to grow the best quality wine grapes possible in Nova Scotia. Great grapes make great wine! With this website, we describe our start in the vineyard business in Upper Falmouth on the Avon River. 

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