Johnston Vineyards was established in 2013 to grow the best quality wine grapes possible in Nova Scotia. Great grapes make great wine! With this website, we describe our start in the vineyard business in Upper Falmouth on the Avon River. We hope it provides motivation and guidance for future Nova Scotian viticulturists (see blog and news under the menu for seasonal updates!)

Coming Home

Don's father, Lee Johnston was born in Cape Breton and his people came to Nova Scotia with the Scottish settlers in the later 1700's. Don's mother, Helen Knock came from German folks who settled Lunenburg County in the 1750's. Don was born in the Windsor Hospital and after a couple of days went to live on Avon St in Hants Border, Kings County. He went to school in Hantsport and Horton District High School. He attended Acadia University.....

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The Land

Don and Sharon started looking for suitable vineyard land in 2013. A critical factor in deciding on a location was weather. A study of weather at 14 sites in Nova Scotia from 1971-2000 showed that Martock (2 miles from Johnston Vineyards) had an average temperature of 7.4 C (45.3 F) and 1061 growing degree days (GDD), both the highest measured.....

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Getting Started

The new vineyard owner needs a strong guiding purpose! The primary goal of Johnston Vineyards is to produce great Nova Scotia wine grapes. Great grapes make great wine! This should be done in a sustainable manner that requires care of the land the grapes are grown on. Farming organically or at least restricting the amount of chemicals put on the land may achieve this goal. It seems logical that by treating the land with natural products the grape vines will be more able to maintain....

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The Grapes

Grapes were selected for Johnston Vineyards based on the quality of wine they can potentially produce and their ability to withstand the short summers (limits ripening) and harsh winters (climate change is reality). Vinifera grapes are those that traditionally were grown in Europe. They tend to be more sensitive to cold and disease. They include Chardonnay, Riesling (white wine) and Pinot Noir (red wine), all of which are now being grown successfully in Nova Scotia. One exceptionally cold winter could wipe them out and that is the risk the vineyard owner takes when growing these grapes. The tradeoff is that these grapes produce better wines and attract higher prices. Very good wines are being produced from cold hardy hybrid grapes like L'Acadie, New York Muscat and Guisemhiem 318, all white wines, and Marchal Foch.....

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The Gallery

Contact us

Johnston Vineyards is located at 1112 Falmouth Dyke Road, Upper Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, B0P 1L0. We can be reached at Johnstonvineyards@gmail.com. More information is available at www.johnstonvineyards.com.....

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